Barring a Aqua that is future Teen Force reboot using one display screen or another, Means’ times of getting taken care of breathing life into a field of fries have reached minimum tentatively over.

Like Snyder, also to an inferior extent ATHF creator Dave Willis (who voiced Meatwad and Carl), Carey Means was making the rounds at Comic Cons and much more for a long time regarding the power of their focus on Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Since the sound of Frylock, the levitating box of French Fries whom served given that show’s straight-man and lone purveyor of intelligence and restraint, Means–who lives in Atlanta, Georgia, in which the show was produced–says the role kept him afloat against “eviction, financial problems, you label it,” but which he’s nowhere near since comfortable as individuals think.

“the truth is, individuals assume I do not,” Means said that I get royalties from the show. “I do not get any royalties, straight back spend, nothing from DVD product sales, mainly because I reside in Georgia, that is a ‘right to get results’ state. Dana could easily get royalties because he is in SAG (the Screen Actor’s Guild, SAG-AFTRA) in L.A., but I do not. I obtained one flat rate [per episode], nothing regarding the backend. It had been about $2,000 per towards the final end associated with show, and nearly $10,000 when it comes to film.”